Thoughts in the dentist chair

  • Is it just because I have a short soft pallete, or do other people find it nearly impossible to breathe when they have their head back and somebody forcing their mouth open and spraying stuff in it?
  • If we were really intelligently designed, wouldn’t the nasal passages connect to the lungs and the mouth connect to the stomach, with no interconnection between them?
  • Maybe it’s supposed to be like a four barrel carburetor where you open the mouth to get more air when you really need it?
  • I wonder if that thing they use to clean off the scale is called a “sonic screwdriver”?
  • Is that thing set to the resonant frequency of your skull on purpose, or is that just a lucky coincidence?
  • My hand has gone numb. I guess I’m clenching them a bit. No surprises there.

Well, I’m not going to get rich, but…

I just got a check for my share of the money Laurie Davis got from selling his new CoPilot for iPhone on the iTunes app store. If you just count the time I spent re-designing my database to accomdate the requirements of his app, writing the web app to provide the data for his app, and re-writing the load scripts to load in the new database format, I figure I earned about $50/hour. If you count all time I’ve spend on building and maintaining this database and web site, add in the money I’ve gotten from donations, and ignore the money I’ve spent on web hosting for, and I figure I earned about $.00001/hour.

Still, it’s sure nice to have this check. Of course, my first impulse it is to blow it on something cool for myself, but on sober second thought I should probably bank (most of) it against a future jobless spell.

How I spent my winter vacation

I’ve been trying to import the data from David Megginson’s great site into my site. The reason I want to do this is that they have a lot of data that I don’t. They crowd-source a lot of it, but some of the initial data loads come from sources that I never found for my site. My site, on the other hand, tries to get data from various data sources and merges it with other data from other authoritative sources like from the FAA (and the sadly obsolete DAFIF).
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