Tip jar service?

Man this off-line blogging is a blessing and a curse, isn’t it?

Now that Amazon Honor System has gone away, what other options do I have for soliciting donations on my navaid.com website? I get most of my donations through PayPal, but some people preferred to stay away from PayPal for some reason. Amazon has a donation service, but only for registered charities.

We’re only talking about $5 or $10 a month, so it’s not like I need a full ecommerce solution.

Debugging, no molasses

I discovered the secret to getting Eclipse debugging to not be painfully slow. The secret is to reboot (or possibly just log off and on again) and then make sure you don’t start IE or Outlook or anything else except Oracle, jboss and the app. At that point I’m using just a hair over 2Gb of memory and it’s hardly swapping at all.

I’m sure it would be a huge violation of their security policies, but I’d love to bring in my laptop to see how of does at this. Not only does it have a faster processor and twice as much ram, but it also would allow me to have only Oracle, jboss and the app running on the desktop box while Eclipse ran on the laptop, freeing up half a gig of ram on the desktop.

Looking for recommendations for apps

I’m looking for recommendations for the following apps for my iPod Touch:

1. A good aviation logbook. When my flightbag was stolen, my bacon was saved by the fact that every flight I’ve ever made is on my Treo. The ability to import and export to CSV would be a huge plus.

2. I use a spreadsheet on my Treo for two reasons: to track my hours at work and to record the mileage on my car. I’m looking for either a simple cheap spreadsheet or separate apps for each of those. Actually if there were a google gear for iPod so I could use Google Doc even when I’m offline, that would be ideal.

At Mark and Kris’s urging, I’m giving two thumb typing another try. It seems to be getting better and i’m more impressed with the quality of the auto-correct now that I’m purposely making more mistakes. And Andy’s mention of the hold-drag for minor punctuation is a big time saver too.