Looking for recommendations for apps

I’m looking for recommendations for the following apps for my iPod Touch:

1. A good aviation logbook. When my flightbag was stolen, my bacon was saved by the fact that every flight I’ve ever made is on my Treo. The ability to import and export to CSV would be a huge plus.

2. I use a spreadsheet on my Treo for two reasons: to track my hours at work and to record the mileage on my car. I’m looking for either a simple cheap spreadsheet or separate apps for each of those. Actually if there were a google gear for iPod so I could use Google Doc even when I’m offline, that would be ideal.

At Mark and Kris’s urging, I’m giving two thumb typing another try. It seems to be getting better and i’m more impressed with the quality of the auto-correct now that I’m purposely making more mistakes. And Andy’s mention of the hold-drag for minor punctuation is a big time saver too.

7 thoughts on “Looking for recommendations for apps”

  1. I two-thumb type on mine, but I have relatively small thumbs. I didn’t get really fast until Ike, when it became my primary means of communication for nearly a week.

  2. I bought an app called “Accufuel” from the appstore ($2 I think it was at the time) for fuel mileage tracking.

    It’s quite good – handles full and partial fillups, calculates average and last-tank mileage and even graphs it with variable viewing intervals. It’s been updated a few times since I bought it some time ago so it doesn’t seem to be abandonware either.

  3. If you use a Mac as well, you could buy LogTen Pro, which also has an iPhone/iPod Touch component. ($150 in total) It sync everything between the iPod and desktop application over wifi when you start the app on your home wifi network.

  4. I am about to pay to $100 for the desktop version (almost at the 40 hour limit for the “student license”!) and I don’t think that is bad value. The $50 for the iPod version I am not going to pay – it is simply too much and I don’t really need it.

    I just found another app on there, Flogger: $13 and might be all you need. Doesn’t look like you can import your old data, though.

    Hmmm, only one on there and it doesn’t import your old data. Maybe I should write one myself…

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