First day with the Touch at work

I had the Touch at work for the first time yesterday. It was really nice to go out at lunch and do some web browsing with a decent browser for a change. I just wish I could have that all day – oh well, maybe when the Palm Pre comes out. It was also nice to be able to compose a blog entry while off line like I’m doing now.

I’m getting more used to the predictive text. For instance, I don’t bother going to the number and symbol keyboard to find the apostrophe when I’m typing contractions – I just type the letters and hit space. I also like the double space to get a period-space at the end of sentences. I don’t know why, but I’m having far less trouble with the keyboard than I did with Vicki’s, possibly because I’ve given up trying to use two thumbs like I do with my Treo.

Yesterday I was a little perturbed to see the low battery warning when I still had three hours to work. I got through the rest of the day by hitting the off button as soon as I finish interacting with it instead of admiring the album art as I had been before. Maybe I should bring a charger to work so I can continue to look at them.