Kayak Construction, laying out the left side

It’s too cold to do epoxying, but that’s probably a good thing. I did some more shopping, and then did a couple of small things.

The first thing I did was cut up a length of PVC pipe. Another kayak kit builder suggested that this is a good and cheap substitute for C-Clamps.

The first step in the instructions is to join the panels together. Each panel comes as two or sometimes three pieces, probably limited by either the size of the source material or maybe by shipping concerns, and you have to join them together. In preparation for joining them with epoxy and fibreglas tape, I’ve put plastic wrap underneath the joins (so they don’t stick to the table). Then I carefully aligned the pieces and tacked them down to the table with brad nails.

When it gets warmer, I will be able to glue and tape the ends together. After that’s done, I flip the pieces over and do the other side. Then I have to do the same thing with the right side of the boat.