Construction project, Day 2

Another day of interesting discoveries:

  • Our drill SUCKs. It’s a not incredibly old Skil 4.1 Amp corded drill, and it doesn’t have enough power consistently to drill 3 inches into the end of a 2×4. It also has a standard old chuck instead of one of those new quick ones – I must have spend 80% of my time switching between drill bit and nut driver bit.
  • In spite of having a degree in structural engineering, I forgot that a parallelepiped with non-rigid joints needs cross bracing or it will collapse. I guess I’ll go get some strapping or something tomorrow.
  • This is probably going to end up being a fair weather project. After finishing the two parallelepiped, I put the particle board sheet on one (and attempted to put on the second one, but that one collapsed), and there is almost no room to move around the garage. I might rip a foot off the edge of the sheets to give me some room.

Anyway, the work surface is nearly done, and I can probably safely go ahead and order the kit.

One thought on “Construction project, Day 2”

  1. DeWalt 18v cordless drill. You know you want to 😉
    (I got one in a set with a cordless circular saw a bunch of years ago and never looked back. The only thing I regret is not getting the hammerdrill).

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