Oh Google, you are so devoid of any semblance of clue

As I wrote about in Rants and Revelations » Hey, Google, Google still hasn’t reimbursed me for my hotel, cab and food while I was in New York City. Today, I discovered why. Evidently when one of their recruiters leaves them, instead of arranging some sort of orderly transfer of her unfinished work to somebody else, they just throw all her email into the garbage and mark any mail that she hasn’t dealt with “Return to Sender” and send it back. I got my reciepts back, over a month and a half after I sent them, which means that undoubtedly they fished them out of her inbox rather than just refusing them at the front door. So I wrote to the only other recruiter there I have been in contact with, and he gave me the name of a third recruiter that I need to send all my stuff to, including the claim form that I’d emailed to the first recruiter on July 21st.

You know, if their tech departments were run as well as their recruiting organization, Microsoft could stop worrying about them.

5 thoughts on “Oh Google, you are so devoid of any semblance of clue”

  1. That’s bordering on deliberate negligence. Every time I hear stories like this, I’m affirmed in my decision to tell them to stuff their offensive contract up their fundaments.

  2. @David: Not sure I’m allowed to give details — I suspect Google’s legal team isn’t as incompetent as their recruiters.
    Suffice it to say, it included several terms which I found highly disadvantageous, and which I firmly believe are not within the spirit of “Don’t be Evil”. My recruiter’s response was “those clauses are legal, so they’re not coming out”.

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