I must have left my mind reading device in my other pants

The founder of the flying club is not the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to using technology. He just sent an email to the entire club with the subject line “Advertising” and the text “$82,000” followed by his name and a AOL banner. Now, unlike most of the club, I know he’s involved in trying to sell the club’s Lance, so I have a bare inkling of what he might possibly mean, but even I’m scratching my head wondering what the fuck he’s talking about. I wonder if that’s his asking price or an offer we’ve received or the reserve he’s going to eBay it under or what.

Personally, I think that there’s no way in hell we’ll get $82K for a 1977 Lance with a clapped out engine (2480 hours+) and prop and ancient avionics. But I suppose one can live in hope. Looking at Trade-a-Plane I can see a 1976 Lance with less TTAF (Total Time on Airframe) with only 875 hours on the engine and prop, and they’re asking $80K.