Darn it!

Some years ago I got a set of Shape Files (much as I hated ESRI at the time, they did beat us (GeoVision) fair and square with an inferior product and superior marketing) for the provincial and territorial boundaries of Canada and wrote a short little C program to do a “point in polygon” to determine what province a particular point is in. It’s set up so that it parses the shapes, then sits there waiting for a lat/long pairs to come over a pipe and writes the province code back over the pipe. I write a special lat/long pair (-999/-999) when I want it to exit. I use it all the time when I’m loading waypoints. The program has continued to work while my waypoint generator moved from being hosted at home to a webhost (Gradwell.com) to a virtual private server (Linode) to a colocation box. Unfortunately, I just discovered that somewhere along the way I lost the source code. Right now it has a small bug in that when the program that opened the pipe to it dies, it starts consuming all the CPU instead of shutting down. I can live with that, but it’s annoying while I’m doing all this testing with buggy load scripts. That’s why I went looking for the source code.

Maybe I should write a new one just in case?