What I’m up to these days

Warning: this would normally be a bunch of separate posts, but I’m feeling lazy.

– I sold my old 1U server to somebody who made an offer after seeing it here on the blog. Afterwards, I gave it another torture test (Hitachi’s DFT “Exerciser”) for 8 straight hours, and it passed, so I’m hoping the buyer won’t see the sort of failures under heavy load that I saw.

– Hey, based on how successful that was, anybody want to buy the bits and pieces of Stevie’s old iBook. It’s one of the ice-white 14″ G3 iBooks (800MHz, I think) that suffered from the infamous video chip unsoldering problem which had the bad luck to die after Apple’s three year extended warranty ran out. I figure I could sell the Airport card, the keyboard, the battery, the 30Gb hard drive, and then whatever is left including the screen as separate pieces. I actually have two of the keyboards, because I bought an extra one to replace Vicki’s when she complained hers had all the letters worn off. I can’t find the memory. I probably put it aside somewhere in case we needed it for one of the other iBooks in the house. Anybody want to make an offer on this junk?

– You might have noticed that I haven’t been kayaking for a while. Last time I went, I hurt my left elbow really badly. It feels worse than the “normal” pain I get when I over do it. It feels deep down in the bone in the joint, like I pulled it out of joint or something. Ever time I turn my wrist towards the sky, it hurts like hell. I should probably see my doctor about that, but I’m reluctant because they’ve got no track record of success with my various joint pains. Plus, just to add insult to injury (literally), I noticed something a bit weird with my kayak on my roof rack the other day – it appears that the recent heat wave has softened the glue that holds the foam part of my seat onto the plastic part of the seat, and the foam part blew off somewhere on the road. So I can wait for that while I see if my elbow is going to heal on its own.

– I’ve been doing bugger all flying this year. I just looked at my log book, and it looks like all I’ve done is my annual club ride, an IPC, and a couple of short maintenance flights. That sucks. But tomorrow I’ve invited my neighbours and their visiting nephew for a flight around Niagara Falls. I love doing that flight, but this will be the first time in the club’s Lance. And even better, next weekend is the Pilot Blogging World first annual fly-in. That should be fun. Even though it’s a pretty short flight for me, it’s going to be nice to go back to Toronto City Center (aka “Island”) Airport. And to make it even more fun, I’ve volunteered to take some of the out-of-towners for a lap around the Niagara Falls, again in the Lance.

– One of these days I’m going to have to put some time into my navaid.com site. I was in the process of re-writing the loader code so that it would update the “merged user data” simultaneously with the user data being loaded, but I had encountered a big problem with trying to decide two points were the same or not and therefore whether it needed to be merged. I had a couple of ideas to try, and had tried some, but I got distracted by other stuff and haven’t been back in a while. Maybe I can get back to it Sunday.

– Tomorrow night, Vicki and I are going to a MoveOn.org event called “Party for the Planet”. We probably wouldn’t have bothered, but I noticed that the local host was a flying instructor who briefly belonged to our flying club. Happy 07/07/07!

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  1. Definitely sell the iBook in pieces – the Airport cards are bringing MORE than the original sale price nowdays as the supply slowly dries up.

  2. I’d be interested in buying the ibook, if the price was right (I don’t know what the prices are of older mac stuff that’s newer than first generation mac portables); if I could force it back to life that would be a second portable Unix machine with a functional UI around the house.

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