Fuck pain

The pain in my knees is really getting out of hand. It’s been getting worse for decades, but for the last couple of weeks I’ve been getting a stabbing pain on top of the usual diffuse pain – I used to get that every few months and it would only last for a day or two. My tolerance for any sort of activity has gone way down, and Alieve isn’t doing as much as it used to.

I was planning to clean out the basement and my office this weekend, and hopefully get out kayaking for the first time of the season. Instead, all I managed to do was replace the locks on the garage and clear out the cardboard boxes that have been waiting to be flattened to go out to recycling for months. Oh, and walk around the block once looking at the garage sale. And for that, I’m paying in agony.

I guess if I recover enough, I’ll have to do the cleaning out in short chunks of time every evening instead of one big weekend project. And hopefully fit in the kayaking one of these days.

(And yes, I am going to talk to my doctor. Not that I have an iota of hope that he can do anything.)

5 thoughts on “Fuck pain”

  1. I don’t know if your doctor can do anything, but maybe he can send you to a pain clinic. And they’re coming up with new stuff all the time.

  2. What a coincidence; my knees twinge a lot and make exercising difficult, but these past 2 weeks my right knee has been agony-tastic. I can walk on the flat, OK, but up or down any stairs, or even just bending it to bring me legs out from under the bed covers is agony. Just when I thought it was getting better the shopping trip with Tori made it worse again.

    I don’t like drugs, so I’m not taking any pain killers. I just suffer.

  3. Is joint replacement a potential solution or do the problems go beyond that?

    My specialist provided that as one of several options to me last year when my ankle was particularly bad at one point, and its by no means as bad as your knees based on my observations.

    Although I passed on it at the time due to the negative aspects, I’m keeping it in my back pocket as an option further down the road if my issues get worse, as I suspect they will later in life.

    In the meantime I’m crossing my fingers that my recent 6 or 8 months problem free continues.

  4. That sucks.

    You’ve been to all the specialists I’ll guess? My family Dr was limited in my case but once I got through the specialists (a few orthopedic specialists and finally an orthopedic surgeon) things started to click.

    I ended up having to go for both a CT and bonescan before they really figured out what was wrong with me. It was a fairly tedious process to finally get to the “solutions” I was offered, all of which seemed rather crappy in the end at my current age.

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