Getting ready for my upcoming BFR, I was entering some flights from my PDA’s AvLogbook program to my paper logbook when I suddenly ran out of pages, and had to run out and buy a new logbook.

Looking at that old beat up logbook and the shiny new one, it’s not hard to feel the pride of all that aviation history. I maybe haven’t flown as much or gotten as many ratings as some aviation bloggers, but I feel proud of what I’ve done and the fun and hard work that old logbook represents.

First flight: 27 June 1995
Last flight: 24 Feb 2007
Total hours: 445.6
Ratings and endorsements: Private Pilot, Airplane Single Engine Land, Instrument Airplane, High Performance, Complex.
Airplanes Flown (in the approximate order I checked out in them):

N38290 PA28-161 169.8 hours
N29020 PA28-181 16.0 hours
N21065 PA28-181 6.7 hours
N2259Q PA28-181 24.8 hours
N9105X PA28-181 59.2 hours
PCATD PCATD 5.2 hours
N8429Z PA28-181 36.2 hours
N8323Y PA28-236 65.3 hours
N43977 PA32R-300 62.4 hours

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