So how’d I do? (Aviation edition)

For 2006 I set myself a few goals for my flying. If I recall correctly, it was

  • Fly 50 hours this year.
  • Do some airwork and get more proficient at smooth flight, especially the use of the rudder.
  • Start work towards a Commercial or Float Plane rating.

Well, it didn’t quite work out that way. I only got 37.9 hours flying time (25.3 complex), although I would have been 5 or so hours closer to my goal if the Lance hadn’t been broken on the day we departed for Oshkosh, and maybe another 3 hours if we’d been able to fly to Albany on Thanksgiving weekend. Oh well. That’s still up for the 20-25 hours I normally put in a year. I also didn’t do much airwork, mostly cross country. So I still finding myself having to look at the ball and putting in rudder as an afterthought rather than feeling what needs be put in. However, I did get training in the Garmin 530, and I think I’m getting more precise in my approaches and IFR en-route flying. I also had a little adventure with ice avoidance and negotiating with ATC for what I needed on my way home from Pinckneyville. So while I didn’t meet my goals, I think I had a pretty satisfying flying year.

I’m not sure if I’m going to get to Oshkosh this year – this is our 10th anniversary and I think I’m going to be spending my vacation time on a cruise or something. So I probably won’t be heading down to Florida for Jack Brown’s Seaplane Base or up to Parry Sound for Georgian Bay Airways for a float rating either.

So my goals for this year remain

  • Become a more proficient yoke and rudder pilot.
  • Continue to fly more than I have been in the past.