I’m ready to give up on trying to work with this guy

Back in March, I wrote about a miscommunication between me and the MC for the Lance. Well, since that time, he has never told me what’s going on with the plane. I see it get scheduled for maintenance, but he never tells me why. I asked him what’s going to happen about the prop overhaul, and he didn’t answer me. This weekend, the guy who had the Lance booked for the weekend wrote to the club list to say that it was available, but if anybody wanted it, it was still out at Batavia. I asked and he said it was out there for an oil change. I guess the MC took the plane out without informing me, and without asking if I could help ferry the plane, or anything. And I don’t dare do something to get the plane back, because if he’s made other arrangements he’ll throw another fit if I get there first.

I’m on the verge of sending him this letter, (cc’ed to the VP of Maintenance) but I’m going to sit on it overnight first.

Dear Bill;

Since I’ve become AMC for the Lance, I feel like either you don’t want an AMC or you just don’t want me to be your AMC. You never communicate with me, you never tell me what is going on, and even when I ask you a direct question (like when I asked about the prop leak), you rarely if ever answer. You have grounded the Lance several times without telling me what was going on, either before or after. You have never asked me for help ferrying the plane, even when people are sending messages to the mailing list saying “the Lance is at Batavia if you want it”. The only function you have allowed me to perform is to pass information on to you, while never getting any information back. As AMC, I feel like my functions could be better performed by your answering machine.

I signed on as AMC so that I could help in the maintenance of the aircraft, and also so that I could be a useful to you and to all the other Lance pilots in the club. Since I am not getting that opportunity, I am resigning as AMC. I hope you can find another volunteer if you want one.

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  1. Have you thought about talking to the VP of Maintenance about this? Maybe you’re not the only one out of the loop.

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