A little close to home

This morning, I got an email from another member of the flying club. He wanted to know if the aircraft in this news story was the one that belongs to a member of our flying club. I happened to know that “Rochester Waterwings” was a LLC that he and another guy set up to buy a Cessna 172 on floats, and that they’d then gone and bought a Taylorcraft so they’d have something to put on skis last winter. (Yeah, they’re living my dream.)

A few hours later, that club member wrote to the club officers to confirm that he was at the controls during the crash, and while he came out of it with scrapes and bruises, the other man in the airplane, his partner in both aircraft, had a lower back injury but thankfully no spinal cord damage. He didn’t offer any clues as to the cause, probably a prudent thing before the NTSB has issued at least a preliminary report.

I still want a ride in his float plane.