17 thoughts on “What have I done?”

  1. What? Why? How? WHY?


    Can I call you Cueball now? Or Q-ball, for that extra geek feel?

  2. Forgotten to flat-roll your cable?

    Left your shoes in front of the door in the dining room?

    Pinted your office walls a lovely dove gray?

    Chosen a good low-carb snack (nuts)?

    Selected a flattering dark blue t-shirt to wear this morning in hopes it would distract us from your lack of pants?

    I can tell you what you’ve done. You have added about 120 square inches and 20 minutes of shaving to every day you want to go out and look good.

    But it does look good. Anything that gets Vicki speaking French is a good thing.

  3. You have successfuly aped Jason.

    I wasn’t aware that was a priority for you, but well done.

  4. Dude, buy a Harley. Oh, and leather, lots of leather. And make an appointment at your local tatoo parlor.

  5. I’ve just spent a half-hour searching for a head tattoo I saw ages ago of koi in water. Beautiful ink-work. Too cool.

    Vicki, it’s heaps of tactile fun as the peach-fuzz grows back, and then the contrast with smooth skull again. Rinse, lather, repeat.

  6. I second the leather comment. But not really because you shaved your head, just because I believe everyone needs lots of leather.

    I’d find a new insurance policy for the Treo before you buy the Harley, though. 🙂

  7. Is that a map on the back of his head? If so, where’s the little “Perth” marker?

  8. This is a novel way to find out who the lurkers on your blog are…

    Better stay away from Ottawa for a while… the UV rating this past Sunday was at least 9.

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