Evening Rant

Man I hate doing taxes. Is it just me, or are US taxes even more complicated that Canadian taxes? Ok, some of that was because of Jean’s inheritance (and we haven’t got it all because her house didn’t sell until the 2006 tax year). I’ve spent almost my entire “day off” on this crap. And I can’t file because I don’t have the 1098 for the mortgage on the old house.

And what’s the deal with TurboTax charging $40 for the software, and then another $30 to e-file? I used to use TaxAct and it was something like $15 total. And the rebate for people who’ve bought TurboTax and Quicken recently doesn’t apply to me because I bought Quicken from the Quicken web site so I don’t have a UPC for it.

5 thoughts on “Evening Rant”

  1. We moved to Taxcut from TurboTax because TurboTax only allows one person to run it; so, we’d have to buy one copy for each tax filer in the household.

  2. You don’t HAVE to e-file. If you aren’t in a hurry, you can print the forms out and mail them in the old-fashioned way.

  3. I looked at those prices this year, and called my sometimes-CPA. “What would it cost me to get my taxes done this year?” “Oh, your’s are pretty simple – $50?”.

    So I dropped off my paperwork, and my refund is on the way.

  4. So I dropped off my paperwork, and my refund is on the way.

    My original idea was to use an accountant, then I
    a) couldn’t get a call back from the one I wanted, and
    b) got verklempt at the idea of gathering all the papers to send off.

    And, since Paul ended up sending me scurrying to the files multiple times (once to find my 1991 tax return which I found) it was just as well.

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