The problem with being a cautious pilot…

…is that I end up cancelling too many flights. Today’s flight to KAGC – Allegheny County Airport is a case in point.

12 March 2006 RadarThe current radar picture shows that with a bit of flexibility of plans I could avoid the thunderstorms, although I’d probably be in a lot of rain and some turbulence. But in consideration of Vicki and Laura’s stomachs, and Vicki’s lack of flexibility, I have to cancel. If some more of that red stuff built up while we were en-route and we had to land to wait it out, Vicki can’t miss tomorrow’s work and we’d end up leaving the plane and renting a car to drive back, and that is too expensive and un-fun.

2 thoughts on “The problem with being a cautious pilot…”

  1. Some of those windbarbs have three full bars on them. That wouldn’t be a lot of fun to try to land with.

    Better to be on the ground wishing you were flying than flying wishing you were on the ground.

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