Is anybody else out there using Gravatars? I saw Barry Price using it on his blog and read the page, and it looks like a damn cool idea.

How long do they take to “approve” your submitted picture, and do they give you any way to switch between a couple of them?

2 thoughts on “Gravatars?”

  1. Every submitted Gravatar image has to be manually approved – they’re given an MPAA-style rating, and you can decide which levels you are comfortable displaying on your site.

    From submission to approval usually takes just a few hours in my experience, but I guess it depends on how busy they are – it’s a volunteer service.

    You can only have one active gravatar at a time, but you can change it whenever you like. You just have to wait for the replacement to be approved – in the meantime, your old image will be displayed.

    I think it’s a great system, but unfortunately it means every site using them relies on being up and running at all times. Recently, it wasn’t

  2. I like them, but given the recent network issues as mention by baz, i’m thinking of dropping it.

    …specially as my gravitar is my ugly mug and i think it may offend some people 😀

    btw, your title, “Rants and Revaltions” sounds much grander than my “Rants and Rambles”, wish I’d thought of using that instead… 😉

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