Some more thoughts about Vinokourov and Hincape

I’ve been thinking more about who will lead the Discovery team next year. Obviously for the Discovery team, the consideration isn’t about what’s best for American cycling, it’s about what’s the best use of their advertising dollar and which will get them the most press. But US Postal and now Discovery have been doubly blessed by having an American team lead by an American rider who is winning, and winning big in the biggest race in the sport. A lot of American sponsors have come and gone because they weren’t able to field a winning team or because their wins weren’t being done by an American.

If it came down to having an American rider leading but not winning, or having an non-American rider leading and winning, I don’t think either of those is going to be good for American cycling or Discovery. So I think they’ve got to go with Hincape and hope that in the next two weeks he proves himself capable of leading and winning.

A tale of two super domestiques

This time of year, I’m majorly enthralled by the Tour de France. I’m going to presume to explain a few things about professional cycle racing even though I’ve only been following it avidly for 7 years now (and a little less avidly back when one of the riders in the peleton was a guy I’d shared tips on preventing penile frostbite with). Some of this might be laughably wrong to people who are really into the sport, but it should be close enough for the rest of you.
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Garmin 396 GPS with XM Weather (Americas) – Sporty’s Pilot Shop

When the Garmin 296 came out, I said that all it really needed was XM Satellite weather and approach plates, and it would be the perfect electronic flight bag (EFB). Since EFBs start at about $4,000, they are so far out of my reach as to be laughable. But now they’ve done it – they’ve combined the Garmin 296 with built-in XM Satellite weather (and you can listen to XM Satellite stations with an audio jack on the unit), and it’s just about perfect.

I seriously wish I flew enough to justify this beast. But since all I really do is a few 2 hour flights every month, I should probably just keep drooling and keep the credit cards locked away.