One thought on “AvWeb’s story on Bax”

  1. I am reminded of George Jones song” whos gonna fill ther shoes”, In the case of Bax, the answer is – no one. There can never be another. He was representative of the greatest generation. No one could write with his style and good nature on all subjects. Life flowed from him as honest and sincere as the waters of Villiage Creek. I am sure of this even though I have never personally met Bax. Like a lot of us I know this fine man only by his writings. I have, framed on my wall, along with my aviation things, a letter he wrote me in reply to an aviation question I wrote to Flying in his name. It is one of my most prized possesions. A point of contact with a man I admire and alas will never meet face to face. we do have the books he left us. Thanks Bax

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