Ok, I’m convinced.

The Ottawa News Administrator’s Group mailing list got the following query. The bit with the quote markers is the start of the ott.events charter.

> ott.events is an unmoderated newsgroup for announcements of seminars and
> the like in and around Ottawa-Hull, Canada. This newsgroup is intended for
> events with no admission charge (unless the charge is sufficient only to
> cover expenses or is donated to charity).
> The following topics are NOT permitted:
> auctions/garage sales — use ott.forsale.other
> retail store sales — use ott.business.ads
> open houses — use ott.housing

Well if there are no advertizing for garage sales…which newsgroup would be
allowed ???

I responded “Which part of ‘auctions/garage sales — use ott.forsale.other’ didn’t you understand?” and underlined the part of the quoted text. After all, about the only compensation I get for being a news administrator is to be snarky to idiots. He replied a few hours later:

You should be careful who you’re speaking with. I have a good mind to rip your fucking head off and shit in your hole.

Don’t you ever talk to me again like that.

Colour me convinced. This person is a moron, and deserved all the snarkiness of my first reply. And more. He didn’t want me to “talk to me again like that”, so in my next response, I was much less polite.

If you don’t want your stupidity pointed out to you, you shouldn’t ask
stupid questions. Especially not when the answer to the question is in
your quoted text.

Fuck off, moron.

5 thoughts on “Ok, I’m convinced.”

  1. Well if this site is never updated again, at least we’ll know what happened to you.

    I personally think we need some sort of “You must be –> this smart to use the internet” test, but then if everyone online was intelligent, a lot more techs would be out of work.

  2. “You should be careful who you’re speaking with” — as if it’s okay to speak that way to, say, servants, or people of a lower class, but this guy is too high-class for you to even begin thinking of fucking with.

    The very statement indicates the guy is a fuckwad.

  3. JoAnne, I think his point was that he likes to pretend he’s a big tough guy, and I shouldn’t speak that way to him because he’s so macho he could sit as his keyboard and make the sort of threats that would get the shit beaten out of him if he tried it in person.

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