Best feature ever

My new 17″ PowerBook arrived today. Vicki knew I couldn’t wait, so she phoned me while the FedEx guy was still there and I rushed home to get it. It’s the most beautiful piece of computing hardware I’ve ever seen in my life.

Apple has put the coolest feature ever in it, because the beauty of their OS. After I’d decided to order it, I was making mental notes of what to do to transfer everything I need off the old one onto this one. But a friend clued me in: I didn’t need to bother. Instead, when I booted it up, it asked me if I was upgrading from a previous computer. I clicked “Yes”, and it said to connect a firewire cable betwen the two computers. I did, and then it said to boot the old computer with the “T” key held down. It took me three tries, because the first two times I did a “Restart” from the menu – when I took Rob’s advice and powered it down and then booted with the “T” key, I got the Firewire logo on the screen on the old Powerbook, and the new Powerbook recognized it. It showed me all the user accounts and gave me the choice to transfer any and all of them, settings, applications, and “other files”. I chose them all, and went to lunch. When I came back, the transfer was done, and it’s amazing – even the files are arranged the same way on my desktop.

I’ve tried a few of the most important applications and they work fine – Quickbooks has all my account information, Photoshop Elements works, Firefox complains that it can’t reach my home pages (no network connection here at work). A couple of problems – PostgresSQL seems to be installed but not started up (and I can’t remember the PostgresSQL password), jikes isn’t installed at all (although fink is, amazingly enough), the kernel module that maps the caps lock to control doesn’t load, and X11 doesn’t start. Shouldn’t take long to fix those things up.

All I can say is SWEEEEEET. I’ll probably put some pictures of it up on my picture gallery soon.

3 thoughts on “Best feature ever”

  1. Yep, I did the same with my own when my new 15″ powerbook came– totally painless and very very handy. it was like my old laptop got curvier and faster…

  2. So ya went for it, eh Paul? You’ve been lusting after that pup for a while now, glad it turned out to be exactly wnat you wanted. I’m still steaming along with my newly prettied-up 15″ with the anemic wireless bandwidth here. ~8-\

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