Some random thoughts about the blog

Last night, lying in bed trying to get to sleep, I had a few random thoughts about my blog.

  • If I were to just put the already generated pages of Maddy’s blog and the memorial blog, and not allow new entries or comments, then it doesn’t need a blog engine behind it, and so therefore I could upgrade *this* blog to the newest version of MovableType or TextPattern. I can’t currently upgrade MovableType because the current version’s free license only allows one author.
  • I should make a new category for a pain diary, but not put it on the main page. Sort of like how on Maddy’s blog only her entries go on the main index, but other stuff posted about her by others goes in the category index on the side.
  • I should put all the updates I’m doing to the site into a blog, either this one or another one. I should also transition the copilot-announce mailing list to Gradwell.

One thought on “Some random thoughts about the blog”

  1. I went through the blog migration thing about a month ago. I had been using Pivot but I wanted something a little more robust. After doing some research, I ended up choosing WordPress.

    Importing my Pivot-based site was more work than I cared to do, so I only imported a few important entries and put the old blog as a link off the current one.

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