Still not enjoying these glasses

Ok, I’ve had the glasses, what, five days now? I still notice a big improvement in my ability to read small type on my computer screen or a page in front of me. But I can’t wear them if I need to switch between near and far, because they don’t work as well in the “down on the nose” position, and if I look far through them, it’s like my eyes grind their gears as they try to switch. And when I wear them for long periods of looking at the screen, my eyes get very dry, as if I were staring. And if my eyes get dry, they seem to get gunk in them and get cloudy until I rub them.

This sucks. I want my young eyes back.

3 thoughts on “Still not enjoying these glasses”

  1. Go back and tell Dr. F. that you want the “end-of-the-nose” glasses. He’ll redo your prescription to allow for the different distance between eye and lens, and Sudha will fix you up with little cute Mr. Burns glasses. Then you’ll also have the choice between the two styles, depending on what you’re doing.

    I like the look of the ones you have now.

  2. The problem is that when I’m working on the computer, it fills most of my field of vision (love this 24 inch monitor) so I need the lenses I have now – actually, I could probably use ones a bit bigger. The end of the nose position is just when I’m in a meeting looking at the white board and then down to my notes (or to Toucan on my PDA).

    Having to deal with one set of glasses is annoying enough, there’s no way in hell I’d want to deal with two.

  3. You could try the toric contact lenses that I have. They’re soft lenses so there’s very little “getting used to” in terms of eye comfort, and they might do what you want.

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