Movie review (no spoilers)

I went to see “The Bourne Supremacy” today. Not a bad movie, except almost the whole damn movie was filmed with hand-held cameras. Everything was jerky, most of it was out of focus, and so quickly cut that you couldn’t see what was going on during any action scene – and there were a lot of action scenes. I came out with a headache. But in spite of that, I thought it was a pretty decent sequel to “The Borne Identity”.

Has anybody else noticed that Matt Damon has a really weird nose in profile?

A great flight

I’ve been feeling antsy about the fact that I haven’t flown in clouds since the flight back from Oshkosh last year. So I’ve been thinking about waiting for a day with low ceilings, but not too low, and getting an instructor and going to fly some approaches in real conditions. But we’ve had so many thunderstorms this summer, and I’ve been working so hard that the confluence of the conditions I wanted and the spare time haven’t happened.

So something good happened – I got a chance to get a plane for the weekend, and it was nicely cloudy. The thunderstorms passed through the area a few hours before, and it looked like the nice sorts of clouds.
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