We’re back

Vicki and I just got back from our Alaska cruise. I haven’t taken my film in yet (and the damn camera broke half way through), but Vicki took a lot of pictures with our digital camera. I know she’s categorizing them and captioning them and all that useful stuff, but I’ve just thrown the pictures into a Gallery.

4 thoughts on “We’re back”

  1. The food in the dining room for dinner was superb. The breakfast and lunch buffets were mediocre at best. I expect to blog a fuller description of the cruise later, when I’m more caught up.

  2. I dunno; the scambled eggs weren’t all that good, but it’s hard to keep scrambled eggs good for more than 30 seconds on a buffet. The muffins were good.

    There was plenty of everything, I’ll say that.

  3. But did you get to eat any salmon in the “Salmon Capital of the World”? Inquiring minds want to know…

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