New look for my laptop

Ok, I stole the whole idea (as well as the faux Art Deco logo) from Andy, but I really like how this came out

paulart/DSCN1232 The only problem is that the Apple logo didn’t turn out very well. The one Andy sent me didn’t print all that well so I had to resize it, and that gave it some jaggies. I’d do my own, but I don’t feel like paying $25 for the Anna font for one job. Fortunately or unfortunately, I didn’t get it stuck down too well, so if I need to change it later it probably won’t be hard to do.

Bad Job Experiences, Number 9 in a Series

With the writing on the wall at Kodak, and Vicki and I were married so I now I had a green card, so I started looking for a full time gig. Not that I have any great preference for full time over contract, but I thought I might get a better gig this way.

And I was mostly right.
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