I’m evidently the last person in the universe to discover them, but I really enjoyed the P.G.Wodehouse book I listened to yesterday (“The Cat Nappers”) and I am now determined to read the whole lot.

I managed to miss out on this phenomenom dispite sharing a mailing list with a couple of people who think Wodehouse is the best author ever (as well as some obviously crazy ones who think Joyce is better), dispite the fact that there is a “Jeeves and Wooster Omnibus” on the downstairs book case, and even dispite the TV series being on PBS several times during my life time.

I can see why they cast Hugh Laurie for Bertie in that series – in this book I kept thinking that Bertie was like an updated version of the Prince Regent that Laurie played in “Blackadder 3”. And Jeeves when he’s at his most unflappable reminds me of the waiter at Milliways in the Douglas Adams book “Restaurant at the End of the Universe”. “Sir is most evidently alive, otherwise I would not attempt to serve sir.”

3 thoughts on “Wodehouse”

  1. I’ve still not read any Wodehouse, and i imagine i’ll be picking them up someday. My brother was a big fan in high school.

    And it’s “despite”.

  2. Perhaps I’ll be second-to-last then. Or third-to last, if rone didn’t pick his up yet. Wodehouse has been recommended by so many people, including Douglas Adams himself, but I still haven’t managed to read a single page of it.

    Currently struggling through the Lovecraft omnibus, with a Findley, a Haddon, a Sharpe and a Stone to get through too. So little time…

  3. The absolute best are Bertie Wooster Sees it Through and The Code of the Woosters. Brilliant, and far superior to The Cat Nappers. I promise. The short stories also rock.

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