Man I hate this

Every winter, it seems, I get this cold that never goes away. This one is mostly low level sniffles and a bit of a cough. I can control it mostly with cold medicine and cough syrup now, but so far it’s mostly ruined the last three weekends, and it’s looking like it’s going to ruin this one.

The worst thing is that I really want to finish my checkout in the club Lance. I don’t want to be in a plane if I’m stuffed up – the pressure changes can cause extreme sinus pain if the congestion prevents the pressure from equalizing. And even if I don’t have sinus blockage, I’ve found that flying with a cold can leave me “thinking behind the plane” – not anticipating what needs to happen next, not being ready when something unexpected happens.

As part (or maybe all) of my checkout, I need 6 approaches and holding in order to regain my instrument proficiency. Oh, and my club checkout is due in a few weeks, so maybe I can combine it all into one big thing. I hope I can do it this weekend.