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I miss my kayak

I went out today to the back yard for a little while and sat in my kayak. And cried.

I think that in spite of the pain, I’ve got to get out for a few minutes in it. Not for long – I don’t want to get too painful. But I’ve got to feel my own kayak beneath me on the water.

Is it wrong to be optimistic?

Oh, probably. But I can’t help it – I went out today and bought a kayak. “My” paddle store, Bay Creek had their end of year clearance. I went still undecided whether I wanted to buy the Valley Avocet RM that I rented a few times and found a really fun boat, or the Valley Skerray RMX, which I rented several more times and found it *almost* as nice as the Avocet, but with a few drawbacks.
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