Today I Am A Man!

Baycreek Racing logo on my boatToday I got my official BayCreek Racing Team logo decals for my boat. Most of the other guys have these really large ones, like you can see in this picture of the team at Long Lake, but I don’t have the uncluttered space like they do because I’ve got all deck hardware. Ken ordered some smaller ones, and they fit my boat just right.

Tomorrow is the Rochester Open Water Challenge. I’m doing the short course, and I understand Dan’s son Tommy has been practicing so he can ride my wake. As long as he doesn’t try to out sprint me at the end, he’s welcome to it. I’m not going to try to shake him off, but I’m also not going to make it any easier for him. He’s been gunning for me ever since I beat him at Long Lake last year. I’m going to be concentrating on trying to stay with Paul D if he does the short course.