More about the Tupper Lake 9 Miler

Unofficial results are up here. Results are split between “MO” (Men Over 50), “MU” (Men Under 50), “WO” (Women over 50) and “WU” (Women under 50). It appears that Mike’s rival’s name is George Bellerose, not Bellarus as I wrote. Also, “Nelo Guy”‘s name is Peter Gaaserud. My time was 1:06:15. Paul D finished only 34 seconds behind me in 1:06:49.

Me at the start lineHere’s a picture of me heading to the start line. The guy further from the camera in the white kayak that says “Razor” on it is Peter Gasserud, “Nelo Guy”. I don’t know if I’d recognize his face again, but I sure know what his back looks like. The guy closer to the camera is paddling a WSBS boat of some sort, and I think he’s the guy who ended up t-boned into “Mr. 45 Degrees”. (A lot of WSBS boats are the colour of bare kevlar/carbon with a diagonal stripe across the stern deck. Some others, like Mike’s EFT, are bright yellow. I’m not sure why that is.) I think the weird expression on my face is because Steve’s young son was using my camera, and he was twisting something on the lens unnecessarily.

Dan and BillThis is a nice picture of Dan and Bill heading up to the start. Dan looks pretty relaxed. Maybe I’ll look that relaxed after doing the race for 30 odd years. Maybe I’ll look that relaxed when the person taking the picture isn’t a young kid using my expensive camera.