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Small steps

I got the UPS monitoring working by adding the following line to my /etc/sysconfig/ups: OPTIONS=”-a evolution” I logged a bugzilla bug for the problems I’m having with “at” and “batch”.

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Not something I expected to see in my messages log

Jun 19 09:12:54 allhats atd[31131]: Open of jobfile failed: Success WTF?

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So far so good

The upgrade went as well as can be expected. The libata business didn’t cause too much trouble. Most of the entries in /etc/fstab used labels rather than device names, so I only had to fix the entries for the swap … Continue reading

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Wish me luck

I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade my home server from Fedora Core 5 to Fedora Core 7. I tried upgrading from the DVD, and for some reason it was complaining about a lack of partition table on /dev/sda and /dev/sdc. … Continue reading

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My guilty secret

I have a secret to admit. I still like Pro Tour cycle racing. I try to talk about my secret to friends who used to listen to me, and they all say that after Floyd Landis tested positive, they lost … Continue reading

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