Tuesday night paddle

On Tuesday night the Huggers Ski Club “Paddle Power” group went for a paddle at Baycreek. I tagged along, since I just joined the club. I paddled with the group for most of the time, except when Rob was calculating whether they needed to turn around I sprinted ahead so I made it all the way to Browncroft Boulevard to turn around so I got 4.37 miles and the rest of the group probably only got 4.0 or 4.1 miles. I got back to them as they were turning around just about where the linked map shows the 2 mile point. Soon after we turned around, a couple of the fitter paddlers decided they needed to go faster to get some exercise. Just past the 3 mile point, I decided that was a good idea for me, and I sprinted quite hard all the way to the end.

The creek was quite high, but it wasn’t flowing quickly at all. The weir was a total non-event. There also wasn’t that much wildlife, which isn’t too surprising with a big group of people paddling along and chatting.

But afterwards we went for beer and wings at the next door MacGregors. Smithwicks is the best way to de-train.