Paddling against the flow

I did this paddle again. According to Google Maps Pedometer, it’s 4.6 miles. It rained two days ago, so the creek was higher than normal, and it’s flowing very fast. Both up and downstream were harder than normal – the speed differences between the parts of the river can catch the boat and swing it around or push you into one bank or the other. And of course upstream is just harder because you’re paddling against a strong current. But at least I wasn’t grounding out on a shallow stream.
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WTF? Apache crashed.

It appears that my Apache server on my colo box died early this morning at 6:26, which is around log rotate time. The only anomaly in the logs is that it appeared to have problems killing one of the FastCGI processes, sending it SIGTERM twice and then SIGKILL. This has never happened before, and it’s somewhat annoying. Fortunately I was only off the air for two hours or so.