Wish me luck

I’ve decided it’s time to upgrade my home server from Fedora Core 5 to Fedora Core 7. I tried upgrading from the DVD, and for some reason it was complaining about a lack of partition table on /dev/sda and /dev/sdc. It appears that it was mapping my current /dev/hdg as /dev/sda, and my current /dev/hda as /dev/sdb. That’s a result of libata, but I’m baffled why it mapped hdg before hda, and why that caused the upgrade to abort.

So anyway, I’ve decided to try another “upgrade by yum”. I didn’t want to do that, because ever since the last “upgrade by yum”, I haven’t been able to get X working – I figured a DVD upgrade would fix up any missing stuff.

I had to remove a couple of packages (up2date, rhnlib, pflog-summ, etc) to make the “yum upgrade” stop complaining about dependencies. Currently it’s installing package 802 out of 1297.

Can’t wait to see how hard it will be to fix the various problems to do with libata.