Who’d have thunk it?

Well, it turns out that using the WikiWord “NavData” has upset Jeppesen Sanderson because they’ve got a product with that name, and they’ve sent me an email telling me to stop using the word or they’ll start legal action. I’m still using the word “navdata” because lots of people use it as a generic word meaning “navigation data”. So my Wiki url is still http://xcski.com/navdata/, but all deep links you might have are broken. Replace the word “NavData” with “DAFIFReplacement”.

3 thoughts on “Who’d have thunk it?”

  1. http://www.navdata.net is in the hands of domain speculators. I think you’d have a hard time convincing a court that “domain speculation” was a legitimate business use of the word, so if the speculators decided to fight, they would have to fight on the generic-ness of the word.

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