Jeppesen Responds

After receiving the email I mentioned in Rants and Revelations » Who’d have thunk it?, I responded with

I have renamed the part of the Wiki that uses the trademarked word
“NavData” to “DAFIFReplacment”. However, I am going to continue to use
the “/navdata/” part of the URL as that is a generic term and
untrademarkable and changing would break people’s bookmarks. You can
have a look at if you wish.

I hope that meets your requirements.

Evidently their lawyers work nights, or they’ve outsourced it to India or something, because I got a response at 8:47pm:

Mr. Tomblin,

We appreciate your prompt action and reply to our notice.

While we cannot agree that the navdata term is generic, we understand the
bookmark issue and are satisfied with your action regarding this matter.

John Jaugilas
Jeppesen Intellectual Property
(303) 328-4178

One thought on “Jeppesen Responds”

  1. If you Google “navdata”, you’ll find the term used all over the ‘net, from people talking about the Jepp product to other navigation data related terms.

    At least they’re happy with your solution. 🙂

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