Freecycle, the last straw

Ok, that’s it. I want to recycle as much as the next person, but the local moderator is a moron. This time I have a bunch of moving boxes. I’m going to put them out for recycling, but I thought I’d tell the Freecycle community that they’re going to be there in case somebody wants to pick some of them off. But I don’t want to be answering every email about them or holding them for pickup – so I put my address in the message and said when they were going out and when they’re going to be picked up. And the damn moderator rejected the message saying “No addresses allowed”.

I thought it was my call whether I wanted to expose myself like that, not some over blown facist moderator?

Anyway, I give up on Freecycle. Given a choice between dealing with that asshole moderator and her made-up rules and putting stuff in landfill, I vote for the landfill.

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