We’re back, baby!

With new hardware donated by a very generous friend, I’m back up and running again. Hopefully I’ll have time to post some of the millions of things that have happened in the couple of weeks I’ve been down, but for now I’ll say that the old “new” server died with a million errors that looked SATA related, the disks checked out fine, and they’ve now been placed in new hardware. Oh, and you never know what you’ve been leaving out of your backups until *after* you type “mkfs.ext3 -j -c -c /dev/xen-space/xen1-disk”

One thought on “We’re back, baby!”

  1. Welcome back!

    Other situations in which one suddenly realises just which crucial files one has left out of the backup, in my experience, include “when fsck reduces one’s entire root fs to inode numbers in /lost+found”. That was a fun few days.

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