The 90

I’m not going to paddle “The 90” (the Adirondak Canoe Classic, 90 miles over 3 days). I’ve made it a goal to do it next year. So this year, I’m trying to wheedle my way into Doug and Mike’s “pit crews”. The pit crew (traditionally their wives) meets them at various portages to provide them with refills for their camelbaks and energy gels and bars. Since the four of them are going up in Doug’s truck, having me come up on my own car means that if one of the paddlers blows up or has problems, the pit crews can split up and one of them can move on to the next portage while the other one waits.

Another thought I had is that I can bring my kayak and go out on the course. Initially I was thinking I could go out before or after the racers come through, but I decided to ask the organizer (Brian) if it would be possible to for me to use my kayak to film parts of the race (especially the start) and possibly even resupply the racers in parts of the course that don’t have convenient portages. I promised to be careful not to get into anybody’s way or provide direct aide to anybody. His response to my email was generally positive and he suggested I phone him tomorrow to discuss the details.