Up the creek, alone

By the way, if you’re reading this through a feed (including LiveJournal and Facebook), or if you have Javascript turned off, you’re missing a really cool Garmin Connect “badge” showing the map and stats for the paddle.

Doug had said he was going to paddle the bay at 5:15. I decided at the last minute to go see if I could meet up with him, but he wasn’t there. Dave said that Ken and Paul D were up the creek, so I set off upstream to see if I could find them. I encountered the Forge Racing people (who were actually a lot more friendly than normal, about 3 out of 8 of them actually said hello (counting Jason, who always says hello, but then again he’s normally a kayaker but he trains with Forge because they’re intense and dedicated)). And there were lots of people in the dog park, including a woman whose dog decided not to bother chasing a ball that was too far out in the stream so I rescued it for her. And there were a few recreational kayakers and canoers out, as well as a bunch of geese, one very pissed off swan, and lots of kingfishers and red wing black birds.

I didn’t go very hard, because paddling hard in that shallow water really hurts my elbows. But I feel like it was a good workout and I had fun.