Why I hate Sprint, reason #4523

I was on a conference call, and I had to switch from my cell phone to Skype because the call was breaking up too much on the cell call. Yes, it’s a pretty incredibly sad state of affairs when Skype provides a clearer, less broken up signal than your cell phone!

Only 1 year and 6 months until this contract is over and we can switch to back to AT&T or over to Verizon.

7 thoughts on “Why I hate Sprint, reason #4523”

  1. @James, that guy seems to be comparing Droid to Pre on the basis of how well it works as a Debian box, not on how well it works as a smart phone. Which is kind of important to me, since, you know, that’s why I bought a smart phone. If I wanted a Debian box, I would have bought an EEE PC.

  2. Did you know that the Palm Pre Plus is presently available at Verizon? If it’s true that they can get us out of our Sprint contract….

  3. The Droid is okay, I guess, I’m using the Motorola Milestone which has multitouch but less navigation.

  4. Verizon theoretically allows any device that is compatible with its network on its network. It might be worth calling them and finding out if you can bring your Sprint Pres over.

    Sprint may need to unlock the phone for you and then you give Verizon the phone’s ESN (ID #). I don’t know enough about how this process works on CDMA phones to help out.

  5. Totty: the Milestone is the GSM Droid. There’s no reason the Droid couldn’t have multitouch; this should be coming in the next firmware update.

    Paul: Nexus Ones are available unlocked from Google now for AT&T (standard NAM 3G) if you don’t want to be locked into another contract.

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