More server setup crapola

I tried disabling the RAID controller, and when I go to boot it tells me that I don’t have any drives. So I re-enabled it, and it told me I didn’t have any logical drives. Also, sometimes when I boot the RAID controller BIOS tells me there are no drives, and sometimes it shows me the drives. I tried yanking the RAID daughter card entirely, but it’s got a couple of plastic offsets that it doesn’t want to come off of, and I’m reluctant to try anything that I can’t undo at this point. So I’m using the RAID controller to create 4 “Arrays” of 1 disk each. We’ll see how that goes.

4 thoughts on “More server setup crapola”

  1. Just fwiw, some of the compaq servers we get come with RAID controllers that require exactly what you’re doing if you want the drives presented singly to the OS, creating each drive as a single-drive RAID 0 array.

  2. Well, it made it through the overnight untarring of backups, which is where it failed three times previously when set up as a RAID 1, so maybe I’m on to something here!

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