New Years Resolutions

1600×1200, 1080p, … sorry, I’m a geek, what can I say?

Real resolutions:
– break 20 minutes in the Baycreek time trial
– finish the Long Lake Long Boat Regatta long race (9 miles)
– figure out if I want to continue flying or not.
– develop an ajax web site, using either GWT or jquery or ruby on rails or something
– diet
– exercise
– get a better job
– once more subject myself to the psychological torture of trying to get more treatment for my pain

Update: Today’s discovery is that if you use the WordPress “Publish on a later date” to queue up a post like this, the LiveJournal Crossposter plugin doesn’t see it.

3 thoughts on “New Years Resolutions”

  1. 1080p isnt of great use here, at least until 2010 or so, 2 main television programs have switch to 16:9 instead of hires (and quit 1080p) because nobody around here can actually receive hires (nobody being around 20.000 of around 100 mill citizens)

    1600×1200 for a computer is okay, got myself a samsung-t240hd with 1920×1200, sure beats 1280×1024 a lot. two full pages on one screen. no need to switch back and forth for reading the helpfile. Need to get more into Java this summer.

    i suppose getting a better job will be hard, because information technology only _costs_ money, right?

  2. I just want to be able to do a longer expedition this year.

    (sorry to ‘barge’ in like this. I happened to ‘stumble’ upon your site. Greetings all the way from Kuching, Malaysia. Doubt if you’d ever even heard of this place!)

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