Buggrit, millenium hand and shrimp

I just tore my pants open at the pocket sitting down at my chair – the arms of the chair tilt inward and this isn’t the first time they’ve caught my pockets, but this time the pants are torn right open and I’m showing rather too much leg (and underwear) for the dress code.

Worst of all, I need to go to the washroom and I can’t risk walking past everybody.

5 thoughts on “Buggrit, millenium hand and shrimp”

  1. This is an argument for having a jacket or sweater at work, to carry thrown elegantly over your arm.

    Or I can buy you some snazzier underwear.

    Guess we’ll have to buy you a new pair of pants.

  2. Vicki, I’d say this is an argument for keeping an entire spare outfit, including pants, at work.

    Having once ripped a skirt in half at work, I highly recommend it.

  3. I can relate. I completely tore the the ass out of a pair of jeans about a year ago in a WalMart parking lot when I got them caught on the bumper of my work vehicle. I still don’t know how I managed to do it with such precision, but suffice to say I was showing enough underwear to freak people out – one entire side of the rear of my pants was just hanging, it tore right to, and subsequently down the seam.

    With few other options I slinked into the Walmart itself and bought a pair of jeans to replace my torn ones.

    Even worse yet was the reality that I was wearing a pair of yellow smilie face boxers that day. 🙂

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