Why did I choose Ubuntu again?

When installing this new machine, I picked Ubuntu as the Linux distro, because the people in LUGOR are all full of praise for it. But after the debacle with trying to get X working (which was solved by discovered a boot time option “nodcc”), I have been having my doubts. And now I’ve discovered a couple of other things to hate about it.

  • Every time I rebooted, it reset my /etc/resolv.conf to a stupid default. Eventually I traced this down to a couple of stupid ppp scripts that were referenced in /etc/rcS.d on shutdown for some reason, even though I’m not using ppp. One of those scripts included the utterly stupid line if [ -n "$PROVIDER " ] – the space after the PROVIDER ensures that the test will never be false. Good one, guys.
  • So I tried to remove ppp and pppconfig, only to find that they’re both required components of ubuntu-base. Why the hell would they do that?

I’m starting to wish I’d stuck with Debian.

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