Q. Why is Frosty the Snowman smiling?

A. Because he heard we’re getting a snow blower.

Today’s large snow fall was the last straw – we have in and bought a snow blower. Home Despot had them for 30% off, and an additional 10% off if you got their credit card. We got a 5.5hp 2 stage Ariens with electric start and multiple forward and reverse speeds, and with the discount it was less than the list price for the Yard Machines 5.5hp one I was originally looking at that didn’t have electric start and only one forward speed.

It’s still hard work to push through the snow, but it’s got to be better than shoveling another plow hump.

2 thoughts on “Q. Why is Frosty the Snowman smiling?”

  1. Sweet. Power, as Tim Allen would point out, is everything. When we were in N.J. our neighbor was nice enough to drive his tiny little Honda (the kind you can barely sit in) across the street and scoop out our driveway, or at least the bottom of it, because it wasn’t powerful enough to get to near the top of the incline. I kind of liked shoveling, because it’s good, honest exercise (though not the wet, heavy pile-up from the county plows at the curb), but that’s easy to say when you’re not near a Great Lake. If I lived in Rochester I’d have had one long ago.

  2. We got the exact same model on sale when Chase Pitken closed down last year. It’s a great little machine – and much easier to store than most. It had no problems at all breaking through the 3-1/2′ snow and ice barrier that the street plows left at the head of our driveway at the height of the storm

    I highly suggest getting the front weight kit – it makes a big difference in scraping down to the asphalt.

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