Wrapping up, taking stock

Mark is preparing our last Oshkosh 2006 breakfast (if the propane holds
out) and then we’re going to start packing. It’s been a great Oshkosh and
the weather has been unbelievable. But last night it hit me all the things
I did in 2003 when I only had 3 full days versus this year when I had 5.

In 2003 I walked through all the ‘special’ airplane parking and camping
areas like warbirds, homebuilt, vintage and amphib. I also went down to
the seaplane base. But on the other side of the coin, this year I saw full
airshows, spent more time sitting in airplanes and talking to their sales
people, and more time in the constantly changing display in Aeroshell

One of the reasons for the difference is that last time I was on the North
40, where the highly efficient shuttle bus dumps you out right at the
warbird parking. It’s easy to get sucked into walking through there taking
pictures, and then before you know it you’ve walked the entire length of
the airfield in various parking areas. By contrast the Camp Scholler
shuttle is horribly inefficient and most days we skipped it and walked in.
And the gate you get to from here is right by the vendor exhibits and
Aeroshell Square.

I’m not complaining, but i’m even more determined to fly in next time.